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the benefits of Automating your Home


We take pride in our work. Quality is important to us. Our products are the highest caliber in the industry.  Our focus is on product performance and product longevity. Whether it’s for your security, audio, surveillance, lighting, window treatment or automatic Shabbos and Yomtov needs, we proudly stand behind our products and our workmanship. 

Not your average Home Automation designer

Passion & Expertise

After two decades, we still look forward to every new clients delight at the outcome of our work.

100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our work and we are there when you need us.

customer satisfaction

Our clients cuntinue to recomend us to friends and family. We know the value of a job well done.

Industry expertise

We began when the home automation industry was in infancy. We have the knowledge and know-how to tackle any of our clients needs.

Living with Automation

Peace of mind

With TIP home automation everything is set for you.  Home security, lights, window treatment, heated driveway, baby monitors and white noise machine, everything..

“Daily life is easier, Shabbat is set for me and going out of town is carefree.”

Chaya Klein

Every outlet and appliance

automated for your specific needs

Embrace an effortless lifestyle with cutting-edge tech in automating appliances, lighting, audio, security, entertainment, window treatment and more. With TIP Home automation, you can use any device of your choice to enjoy instant access from anywhere – from the next room or from across the globe.