Shabbos and Yomtov
Automation with TIP

Go in to shabbos feeling relaxed and ready to enjoy family and guests

Automate everything according to your Family's exact needs

Your home automation set for Shabbos and Yontif according to your specific Zman; Rabbenu Tam, GR”A..

Easy Food Prep

Oven, warmer and hotplate set automatically.

Easy post shabbos dinner clean-up

Dishwasher automatically set so that you can places the dishes on Shabbos without the LED lights turning on.

Automated Window Treatment

Motorized Window Treatment set to open and close automatically, at just the right time.

Automated Security

Alarm System and Motion Detector set automatically for Shabbos and Yontif.

Ease of use

System’s Touch Screen announces helpful Zman information like the day of S’firas H’omer, Chanukah night, Jewish calendar date…

Automated Snow removal

The system displays the weather and will automatically turn on your heated driveway when it snows.


All of your outlets automatically set for Shabbos and Yontif, we can automatically set baby white noise machine, lamp lights, anything.

"Motti listened to all of my concerns, he asked for my family’s specific zman, we go by Rabbenu Tam. Motti then set up a fantastic and reliable system with a Shabbos and Yontif display.”

Sarah Miller

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one system for every day of the week

Enter shabbos with ease and peace of mind.  We specialize in helping new homeowners, existing homeowners, Shuls, Yeshivas and businesses that need to get a professionally automated system or install a monitored security system. Call us at 646-772-3455.